What are the Advantages of Vertical Girth Welding Machine?

Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures
Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures

Vertical girth welding machine is used in sheet metal cabinets, automobile manufacturing, low voltage appliances, hardware and home appliances, compressors, kitchen appliances, tube welding head for all-position TIG welding design of special welding head, cost-effective, long service life.

The tungsten electrode is driven by the mechanical mechanism to rotate, so that the tungsten electrode and the welded workpiece maintain a stable distance, and the electric plate is more stable compared to manual operation. It can ensure the stability of the arc and various parameters during the welding process, thus ensuring the quality of the weld. Through the curing control of welding procedure and parameters, it can well realize the consistent control of weld quality.

Automatic welding of the ring seam can be realized, reducing labor costs, and can be operated by ordinary people. For very narrow space, the operation position which is difficult to achieve by manual operation can be realized by automatic girth welding. The technical advantages of the automatic pipe plate welding machine are that the heat input can be controlled by programming parameters such as current, voltage, rotation speed, wire feed speed, etc., thus better controlling the heat affected zone of welding, controlling the welding quality and the resistance to defects and corrosion of the weld seam.

Automatic all-position tube and plate welding with high degree of automation and low failure rate. The arc current is in the form of DC pulse, all parameters can be set, and the weld seam is uniform. The operation system is designed to be easy to operate, the process parameters are input through the touch screen, the welding parameters can be modified in real time through the CNC system, and the welding process is operated through the touch screen.

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