New Year’s Day Use sheet metal processing technology to make the mascot of the Year of the Ox

We are welcoming a new year in 2021. The Year of the Ox hopes that all walks of life will be bullish. Of course, our benefit is no exception. Our employees have also used sheet metal processing technology in their spare time to create some mascots and mascots for the Year of the Ox. small item.

This is really a hand-made hanging and ornament. First, dozens of people have to draw a picture of a cow on the drawing, and draw the shape of the mascot on the paper according to the final product ratio of 1:1.

Draw a few more circles along the outline of the pattern, leaving the outline of the mascot on the paper as a model for drawing on the sheet metal later. If the painting technique is good, it can actually be painted directly on the sheet metal. Use a marker to trace the outline of the mascot on the sheet metal and cut it out with scissors. Cutting with scissors will cause the sheet metal to deform. After cutting it, use a hammer to flatten it. Use a rotary cutter or sandpaper to remove the coating or coating on the sheet metal surface. If there is a symmetrical place, it is like welding the two overlapping sides together, and then separate the two sides after processing the shape, so that the two sides are symmetrical.

Use a wire saw, needle set, rotary cutter or other tools to process the outline of the overlapping part. When you feel that the shape is almost the same, you can heat the welded part on the fire to separate the two sides. However, there will be excess solder on the sheet metal on both sides after separation. You can heat the part with excess solder on the fire and scrape it off with a blade or something.

When soldering, you can find a nail and hammer it flat, solder the connected parts together, and remove the excess solder on it. It’s basically formed after soldering.

When polishing, gradually use various types of sandpaper to polish the mascot so that it can be seen, and remove all traces left during processing. The polishing work is done with a polishing wheel, and the polishing in a narrow space is achieved by applying a polishing agent on the wire. Since it is a small object made by the sheet metal processing technicians in their spare time, it is ugly not to upload pictures. You can play by yourself when you are okay.