How to Improve Bending Accuracy of Workpiece?

Custom Made Metal Boxes
Custom Made Metal Boxes

In order to improve the bending accuracy of sheet metal bending workpieces, I will analyze the main methods that affect bending accuracy:

Solution: Reduce the deflection of the machine tool itself
An inclined wedge structure should be set up above the upper die to compensate for the loss of accuracy caused by the deflection deformation. In the actual process, considering the difference of the material and nature of the workpiece, the degree of deformation is different. To achieve higher accuracy of deformation compensation, we must conduct several tests to obtain the best form of compensation, and then mass production to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.

Solution: Choose a plate with uniform material
Uneven material is an important factor affecting the bending accuracy of the workpiece, resulting in uncertainty in the amount of rebound of the bending process. To address this problem, we should start from the selection of the plate, and try to choose a high-quality plate with uniform material as the material for workpiece bending processing. At the same time, we should start from the manufacturing of the plate, with the help of advanced metallurgy and forging technology to achieve the improvement of the plate quality and improve the overall homogeneity of the plate.

Solution: Improve the overall homogeneity of the plate
We should try to select high quality plates of uniform material for bending workpieces to improve the overall homogeneity of the plates.

Solution: Improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece unfolded material
In the process of processing, the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece unfolded material should be improved from the following two aspects, one is to accurately calculate the length of the unfolded material, consider the deviation value of the workpiece size, include it in the calculation of the unfolded material, and choose the middle value as the calculation value. At the same time, the tolerance value should be reasonably allocated. Second, to improve the processing accuracy of the workpiece unfolded material and reduce the cutting error.

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