Automatic stamping

Discussion on automatic stamping is a common production method. In the actual production process, stamping is often used in the manufacturing industry of metal parts such as automobile repair appliances and it industry. From the current situation, the processing methods used by China’s parts processing plants are still dominated by the traditional processing methods, that is, manual feeding. In the process of metal parts processing, this method is not only difficult to obtain high production efficiency, but also has certain potential safety hazards. It requires a large number of workers to cooperate together to complete the work. Therefore, this method requires a great labor intensity of workers. With the continuous reform of the education system, the cultural level of the labor force has also been significantly improved. The cost of the labor force has been increasing, and the number of professionals with strong working ability is even fewer. Therefore, a large amount of waste of human resources will increase the cost consumption of the manufacturers and reduce their economic benefits.

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