Aluminum battery bracket

Aluminum bracket is a kind of battery shell made of aluminum alloy, which is mainly used in square lithium-ion batteries. The reason why lithium-ion batteries are packed in aluminum shell is that it is lighter and safer than steel shell.

The aluminum bracket is designed with square corners and rounded corners. The material of the aluminum shell is generally aluminum manganese alloy, which contains manganese, copper, magnesium, iron, silicon, etc. these five alloys play different roles in the aluminum shell of lithium battery. For example, copper and magnesium improve strength and hardness, manganese improves corrosion resistance, silicon enhances the heat treatment effect of magnesium containing aluminum alloy, and iron improves high temperature strength.

Aluminum shell alloy material structure has significant safety performance considerations, which can be expressed by material thickness and bulging coefficient. The reason why lithium batteries with the same capacity are lighter than those with steel shells is that aluminum shells can be made thinner. From the working mechanism of lithium-ion battery, when charging, lithium ion is de embedded, and the positive electrode volume expands; When discharging, lithium ions are embedded from the positive pole and the negative pole expands; Will cause solid expansion, and the bulging coefficient can be reduced by appropriate alloy formula.

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