Advantages of sheet metal deburring machine facing different materials

In the face of burrs with different thickness and sizes, the key problem is what kind of machining goal to achieve. When you are looking for a suitable deburring machine, you need to clarify the scope of the machined parts and the requirements for edge processing. The selected model should cover the range of main parts, provide the best processing quality, and bring the advantages of high process reliability and low part cost.

For example, automatic deburring of flame cut parts has been proven to be the best and most cost-effective method. Although the minimum part size and the minimum Machinable thickness will be limited, if the main machined parts are flame cut parts, there is no reason to give up this most economical deburring scheme. On the contrary, what needs to be considered is the frequency of “exceptions”. This is the only way to focus on the most effective procedures when dealing with major business.

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