U-shaped bracket

The U-shaped bracket is another type of bracket. Unlike the L-shaped bracket, the U-shaped bracket is bent along two axes to form a U-shaped contour.

The U-bracket can be used to clamp an object between its two flanges or to mount two parallel horizontal objects on the other.

Although L-shaped supports are easy to form with brakes, U-shaped supports and Z-shaped supports need more preparation. If one flange is long enough to interfere with the clamping rod of the brake, the brake will not be able to bend a second time in the bracket. Therefore, the parallel parts of U-shaped or Z-shaped supports should be as short as possible.

The welding part can be indicated in the support design, but additional costs will be incurred by the manufacturer. Before adding welded components, consider whether the part can be made of a single piece of metal.

Any machining element (including holes) incurs additional costs, but remember that machining opens up greater design possibilities for non-standard shapes and decorative touch.

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