Hinges and Slides in Hardware Processing

China Sheet Metal Fabrication 
China Sheet Metal Fabrication

With the development of high-tech, hardware is increasingly important, the essence of the entire cabinet in the hardware, hardware is good to make, durable or not, is the key to the cabinet, especially the cabinet, more important! Hardware is mainly divided into two categories of basic hardware and functional hardware. Basic hardware mainly refers to the three-in-one connectors, hinges, drawer guides, screws, bouncers, pulls and other small hardware; and functional hardware including closet common hanging rod, trouser rack, folding mirror, clothing basket, storage boxes, etc., the cabinet needs to use more functional hardware, such as dish puller, seasoning puller, drawer sets, on the flip door pneumatic rod, etc., the manufacturers of different processes, may be slightly different. This article only introduces the role of the largest hinges and slides.

Hinges are the hinges used in earlier years, mainly to play the role of cabinet cabinet door connection, hinge material is generally divided into cold-rolled steel and stainless steel. Dry environment such as closet, TV cabinet can choose cold-rolled steel, bathroom, balcony, kitchen and other environments try to choose with damping stainless steel. Hinges are divided into three types: straight hinges, curved hinges and large curved hinges. Straight bend hinge is mainly used in the full cover door, in the bend hinge is used in the common side panel of the half cover door, large bend hinge is used in the built-in door.

The slide is usually installed on both sides of the drawer and is a hardware link for drawer pulling in and out activities. It can be installed in both wooden closets, cabinets and other furniture drawers, can also be installed in the iron briefcase. The market slide rail is mainly divided into three categories: ordinary three section guide, is currently the most conventional, the largest volume of the market guide, home furnishing basic models are based on three sections of the rail, installed in the side of the drawer side panel, divided with damping and without damping; bottom guide, bottom guide drawer size and side mounted drawer size is different, if you want to do the program before the material to determine the difference between the bottom guide and the ordinary guide In that, installed in the drawer bottom, hidden design, space utilization is maximized; riding drawer, high fit, open effect light, smooth and stable operation effect, strong bearing capacity, used in the cabinet is a good choice, this guide many installers will not be installed, now the popularity is not high, we commonly used in furniture drawers is “steel ball type slides “, this slide is usually two or three sections of the metal slide, installed in the drawer on both sides of the lower position.

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