Price comparison of sheet metal shell

In the case of the same thickness: hot rolled plate < cold rolled plate < hot zinc plate < electric zinc plate < SD steel plate < stainless iron < stainless steel, the same materials, generally belong to the situation that the greater the thickness, the lower the price In the cost of sheet metal parts, the material cost basically accounts for 60-70%, sometimes higher Therefore, it is necessary to design a reasonable structure and improve the utilization rate of materials If the material utilization rate is low, the product price may be lower than the waste price III The purpose of steel plate surface treatment is to achieve the purpose through surface treatment because some sheet metal materials do not have the ability of rust prevention and corrosion prevention. There are two main purposes of surface treatment: 1 Improve the service life of products in harsh environments. It refers to the ability of rust prevention and corrosion prevention. 2. In order to obtain the required surface effect or function. It refers to meeting the appearance requirements of the product.

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