What should we do to reduce the influence of welding deformation and residual stress?

In order to reduce the influence of welding deformation and residual stress, the requirements that should be paid attention to when designing and welding workpieces.

(1) No excessive welding;

(2) Control the positioning of the workpiece;

(3) Intermittent welding shall be adopted as far as possible, but it shall meet the design requirements;

(4) As far as possible, multi-layer and multi pass welding shall be used instead of single-layer and double-sided welding. Open double-sided groove welding at the workpiece and shaft, adopt multi-layer welding, and determine the double-sided welding sequence;

(5) Adopt multi-layer and less weld bead welding;

(6) Low heat input welding process means higher deposition rate and faster welding speed;

(7) Set the weld on the neutral axis of the workpiece as far as possible and weld symmetrically;

(8) The welding heat shall be evenly diffused through the welding sequence and welding positioning as far as possible;

(9) Weld in the unconstrained direction of the workpiece.

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