What should be paid constant attention to and ensured when bending sheet metal parts?

1.Avoid bending failure due to the failure of material pressing at the bending root

When bending sheet metal, other features are often too close to the sheet metal, resulting in failure to press and unable to bend or serious bending deformation. Generally speaking, a distance of at least twice the thickness of the sheet metal plus the bending radius should be ensured above the bending root of the sheet metal.

2.Ensure bending clearance and avoid bending interference

Due to the existence of sheet metal bending tolerance, it is necessary to ensure a certain bending clearance in the moving direction of sheet metal bending to avoid bending failure caused by interference during bending.

3.Ensure bending strength

When bending sheet metal parts, the bending strength shall be ensured. The long and narrow bending strength is low and the short and wide bending strength is high. Therefore, the sheet metal bending shall be attached to the longer edge as much as possible.

4.Reduce sheet metal bending process

Try to reduce the process of sheet metal bending through design.

5.Avoid complex bending

Similarly, the more complex the sheet metal bending process is, the higher the die cost is, the lower the bending accuracy is, and the complex die bending may cause the waste of part materials. Therefore, when the sheet metal part has a complex structure, it can be considered to split the complex bending part into multiple parts, which is helpful to reduce the cost and improve the product quality(high quality metal cabinet).

6.Holes on multiple bends are difficult to align

Why is the screw hole or pull pin hole on the sheet metal bending always misaligned, so that it is impossible to fix the screw or pull pin? This is because the sheet metal bending tolerance is large, especially when there are multiple bends.

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