What are the common bracket types ?


There are several bracket types that can be manufactured using Custom Sheet Metal fabrication and other processes. Bracket types vary depending on the application and the object they are intended to support.

I Brackets
The L-bracket is one of the most common bracket types. As the name implies, it has an L-shaped profile when bent along a single axis, usually forming a 90° angle.L-brackets are used in many applications where horizontal objects (such as shelves) need to be mounted to vertical objects (such as walls).

U-shaped brackets
U-brackets are another type of bracket. Unlike L-brackets, U-brackets are bent along two axes to form a U-shaped profile.U-brackets can be used to clamp an object between its two flanges or to mount two parallel horizontal objects on top of one another.

The Z bracket is another type of bracket that contains two bends. However, unlike the U-bracket, where both bends are made on the same side of the sheet metal, the Z-bracket bends one flange inward and the other flange outward to form a Z-shaped profile.The Z-bracket can be used to mount parallel surfaces that are offset from each other.

Corner Bracket
An angle plate bracket is a bracket that is supported with additional material to increase its strength and load-bearing capacity. It is like an L-shaped bracket with an additional triangular section of material between the vertical and horizontal sections.The corner gusset plate can be welded to the bracket or included in a single piece: in the latter case, the horizontal and vertical sides of the bracket are bent from the edges of the triangle.Click here to contact sheet metal box munufactures for further details.

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