Intelligent sheet metal distribution cabinet

The power distribution cabinet is divided into power distribution cabinet, lighting distribution cabinet and metering cabinet. It is the final equipment of the power distribution system. Distribution cabinet is a general term for motor control center. The distribution cabinet is used in occasions where the load is relatively scattered and the circuit is less; Motor control center is used for occasions with concentrated load and many circuits. They distribute the electric energy of a certain circuit of the upper level distribution equipment to the nearby load. This level of equipment shall provide protection, monitoring and control for the load.

The intelligent power distribution cabinet monitors the current of each output shunt in real time, and can set the warning value of abnormal output shunt current. For example, if the alarm value is set to 14a for the 16A switch, the load will alarm when it exceeds 14a. The fault or artificial operation hidden danger can be found in advance to avoid the switch cutting off the power supply in case of overload, resulting in the power failure of the entire cabinet equipment. In addition, the hot plug circuit breaker is selected as the output shunt, which has the ability to adjust the power supply phase, and can easily realize the flexible adjustment of three-phase imbalance. It can also increase the output shunt online and replace the switch under the condition of continuous power supply.

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