High strength sheet metal parts

Because designers cannot get rid of the design idea of machining structural parts, in order to improve the design strength of sheet metal parts, they blindly increase the thickness of sheet metal materials, but cannot improve the design strength from the aspects of sheet metal stamping process and bending process. When designing a sheet metal product, materials with the same thickness should be selected as far as possible, which can play a positive role in the production material preparation, processing, welding and other technological processes. Through punching convex hull and rolling rib, the strength can be significantly improved. In the structural design of sheet metal parts, the stress analysis of the structural parts can be carried out, and the stress concentration points and dangerous sections of the parts can be calculated. The emphasis is to design the convex hull reinforcement on the stress point and the stiffener reinforcement at the dangerous section. The local thickness of sheet metal parts can be doubled by the powerful flattening of the bending flattening die, but the strength is much higher than that of materials with double thickness directly.

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