Refrigeration cabinet structure

The plates used to manufacture the outside of the cabinet shall be hot-dip galvanized plates with a thickness of 1.5mm or more. The hot-dip galvanized plates must be sprayed with outdoor powder after welding. The cabinet body with temperature control device of heat dissipation type adopts hot-dip galvanized board as the plate, and the cabinet body with temperature control device of refrigeration type adopts hot-dip galvanized board of 1.5mm or more plus 10mm insulation cotton structure as the plate.

The cabinet base shall be made of cold-rolled steel plate with a thickness of not less than 2mm, which shall be hot-dip galvanized after welding.

The metal materials used in the cabinet shall have the ability to resist corrosion and electrochemical reaction after or without surface treatment.

Non-metallic parts (including insulated wires, cables and foaming materials) shall be flame retardant materials, and their flammability shall meet the requirements of flame retardant test.


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