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Metal Enclosure Box

Frequency converter is a kind of energy-saving speed control device that adjusts the motor speed by changing the motor working frequency. It consists of rectifier, filter or DC intermediate circuit to turn uncontrollable three-phase AC power into controllable single-phase power, and then automatically adjust the power according to the load size to achieve the purpose of high efficiency and low consumption; at the same time, it changes the frequency of output voltage to realize the function of soft start and stop for motor.

1、Structural features of inverter

(1) The modular design method divides the internal large-scale integrated circuit chip into several relative units, which reduces the volume to a certain degree and facilitates installation and maintenance;

(2) built-in watchdog program to ensure that in the event of a fault such as a deadlock can promptly alarm and interrupt the workflow of the main circuit, effectively extending the life of the product;

(3) A variety of operation modes are available: forward, reverse and acceleration/deceleration modes commonly used in industrial and mining enterprises; reversible operation mode is mostly used for fan and pump equipment, i.e., acceleration followed by deceleration; in addition, there are various flexible operation modes such as quasi-simultaneous operation mode and star-delta conversion for users to use.

2、The difference between general-purpose inverter and special-purpose inverter

General-purpose and special-purpose inverter is the essence of the difference in: general-purpose inverter has a wide range of applications, low price and stable and reliable performance, and is suitable for various types of mechanical equipment variable speed transmission occasions. The special inverter is mainly used in some special places, such as cranes, injection molding machines and other machinery and equipment that require special performance. Therefore, users must carefully consider their own needs before buying the right type of specifications when purchasing.

3、What are the main technical indicators of the inverter

(1) input current capacity: rated input voltage 380 ~ 480vac, the allowable access current is about 630A;

(2) Voltage resolution: generally should be greater than 5%, otherwise it is easy to cause frequent overcurrent protection actions or even damage the device;

(3) waveform generation time: the duration of the waveform should not exceed 15s;

(4) overload capacity: 10% ~ 150% according to the standard within 10min continuous without tripping can be considered the product qualified.

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